Why My Shoes are Purple – My Secret Weapon for Exercising

My Secret Weapon for Exercising


Many love exercising.

Many don’t.

Many do it because they know they should.

Many do it so they can eat what they want.

Here’s a thought. What would happen if you told an exerciser they could not exercise? Think they would gain weight? Probably not. They might even lose weight. Research indicates there’s a subconscious part of us that knows or calculates how much to eat.

With exercise it’s not surprising people eat more…often it’s the thought, I deserve this!”

Back to our topic…

Are you rockin’ your workout clothes?

Think about the last time you bought something new and felt terrific. You knew you were rocking it, didn’t you? What about workout clothes? I don’t mean clothes to wear at the fitness center, but something for any time you’re physically active…even a simple walk or jog in the neighborhood. I remember spin classes years ago. It took me a year to commit before finally buying cycle shoes. What a notable difference it made.

exercising, cyclingWhat about cyclists outside? There are many flying by my home on their way to cycling around White Rock Lake. Clothes make the most novice look like a Tour de France competitor.

When you are physically active what do you wear? Old sweats and T-shirt? If so, time to change the wardrobe. Spiff it up.

Exercise clothes can be expensive but what’s wrong with Target or Walmart? What about a consignment store? I love them! My favorite is Clotheshorse Anonymous in Dallas. Oh my gosh, I’ve bought amazing workout clothes over the years for a fraction of original price (and some never worn!). New clothes make moving my body more fun!

Does the thought of wearing pre-worn clothes give you the heebie-jeebies? Then go ahead and pay big bucks for new stuff. But get this, most good consignment stores are picky—emphasis on the word good.

My purple shoes and exercising

exercising, exercise, habit

Neily’s after shoes

Wearing something new and shiny makes exercising more fun. That’s what happened with my shoes. I have the before and after to prove it. Well, not necessarily proof I was having more fun but proof what a change can make. I had good shoes, but they weren’t pleasing to look at.  Shoes of good quality and still in great

exercising, habit, exercise

Neily’s before shoes

shape but dull and gray.


I learned about fabric paint Joann Crafts and Fabrics carried. Hmmm, interesting, I thought. Fabric paint? I chose my favorite color purple to brighten them. Something very simple to make it more fun to put on shoes to walk. Of course, now I need a whole new wardrobe to go with them. Hmmm back to Clotheshorse Anonymous.

Tell me, what are you doing to make exercising more fun?


Image credits: pixabay.com and neilyonnutrition.com

Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, LD, FAND
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Wellcoach® Certified Health Coach
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  1. Libby

    I loved it! I totally agree! Makes me want to shop for more workout outfits and head to the park

    • Neily

      Awesome~ go for it Libby! -Neily

  2. Mweru Gatimu

    To make exercise fun, a couple of friends and I try to work out together at least two times a week. When we are not able to work out together, we share about what we did, for example I would tell my exercise buddies, that on Monday, I walked for a certain number of miles, on Tuesday I went to the gym to exercise and then I swam so many lengths, for an hour and a half.

    We also share what we ate for lunch especially so we can push each other to exercise more or relax a little bit.

    • Neily

      That is terrific Mweru – having buddies to workout with you makes you all more accountable to one another. -Neily

  3. Colleen

    Something I do to make workouts fun is look on the community center webpage for different activities. Sometimes they offer free yoga classes or even new workouts I’ve never heard of. I also give myself incentives such as cheat days or I spoil myself with a day at the spa. I set realistic fitness goals/habits for the week and if I accomplish them, I reward myself. This way exercising is less daunting and more of a motivation to get to the things I really want.

    Thanks for reading,

    • Neily

      A day at the spa is a wonderful reward – I’m jealous! I encourage people to focus on what they WANT to do versus what they think they SHOULD do. Thanks for commenting! -Neily

  4. zulmy rios

    This is an awesome post! I workout 6 days out of the week and I do tend to realize that when I get new workout clothes, I get a little boost of energy and motivation. I love going to the gym so I think I just might (borrow) your idea and paint my shoes as well.
    -Zulmy Rios

    • Neily

      Yes you should! Fabric paint is so cheap…and Joann Fabrics always has the 40 or 50 percent off coupons! If you do it I want to see a picture 🙂 -Neily

  5. magnolia contreras

    I CAN TOTALLY RELATE! I can tell a difference in my workout when I wear neon shirts and when I dont. I have to try the colored shoes though, that is so cool!

  6. magnolia contreras

    Definitely going to give the colored shoes a try! I feel different when I wear neon workout shirts so I can see how this helps! THANK YOU!

    • Neily

      Joann Fabrics also has neon fabric paint! Check it out 🙂 -Neily

  7. Morgan Tracy

    This article is so relatable! When I first started dropping weight, my friends got on my about working out in old rags and garden clothes. I never listened, but for my birthday, my friend got me a gym outfit. It was life changing. My mood changed, I felt 100% different about myself and you could see the progress from week to week because of how my clothes was fitting.

    Thank you for sharing! love the content.


    • Neily

      You’re welcome! It makes a huge difference…feeling good.


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