I’ve Canceled My Membership in the Clean Plate Club

neily and 3 pulled pork sliders

It’s lunchtime at Whiskey Cake restaurant. I’m looking at the one amazing pulled pork slider left on my plate – just waiting for my terrific server to bring me a to-go box.

Dr Jo and Neily at Whiskey Cake

I ate two of three sliders when I paused. My thoughts? “I’m satisfied, quite content.” I am enjoying the company of my dear friend Jo, whom I just picked up at the airport.

I’m not too full but know I will be if I eat that last slider. As delicious as it is, I know I would be “stuffed.” 

I’ve been there!

Having been there many times – I know the feeling – ugh! Too often I’ve cleaned my plate despite that “I know I shouldn’t eat the rest of this, but it’s oh so good!” feeling – stopping was the last thing on my mind. 

Learning to eat with comfort is a gift I’ve given myself. I’m far from perfect and certainly on occasion will eat beyond comfort – an eight in my 10-point hunger/fullness scale vs a seven (comfortable).

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Stopping after being satisfied vs eating until one is too full is one of the lessons I’ve learned and one my clients work on. It’s not easy though it is simple (and rewarding!)

Did you grow up in a clean plate household?

Growing up living in a clean-your-plate household taught me not to waste food, I could love it or hate it – regardless, I ate it. Some nights I’d be left alone at the table staring down at beets or Brussel sprouts or liver, now cold and even more unappealing.

What about you? Were you taught to clean your plate? If so, I get it and urge you to cancel that membership. What were we told? There are starving children in some foreign country?

No starving child is going to benefit from you eating beyond your comfort.

I much prefer leaving a restaurant satisfied vs “stuffed.” Taking the third slider home was a bonus – it would be part of another meal!

That third slider looked so good – I was tempted and easily could have eaten it. However, I chose not to. I’ve been there, done that many times before. Yes and regretted it.

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image honoring hunger and fullness handout



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