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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Wellcoach Certified Health Coach

No Two Approaches to Well-Being are the Same

Helping women from where they currently are to where they want to be by working on tiny habits. Whether it is managing a chronic disease or feeling better in the clothes they wear. They will lose their Neily on Nutritionanxiety regarding food and be empowered to be their best authentic self.

Perhaps you know what to do, but doing it is another issue. That’s where I come in. As a team we move you toward establishing lifelong habits to transform your well-being.

I will be your nutrition support and accountability coach. I have an established track record of helping people achieve their goals.

As your coach, I’ll help you develop your optimal health—your natural energy. That’s your foundation for continuing success with your goals. Several program options are available, all providing one-on-one time with me—no matter where you live.

Working with Neily helped me explore the nuances in my habits and relationship with food that, although small, were certainly not insignificant when they all added up.

This experience has given me a confidence and trust in myself that I did not realize I was even lacking. Through discussions and discovery with Neily I now have a much clearer focus on habits and goals that truly have meaning and purpose in my life.”

– Melissa Joy Dobbins | Chicago, Illinois

My Practice Evolved

As a registered dietitian nutritionist since 1997—having counseled hundreds, if not thousands, of clients and patients—my practice evolved.

In my early days as a dietitian, I used a traditional approach of prescribing (goals, meal plans, etc.) but changed to a more successful client-centered approach. I recognized people are their own experts—inherently having the answers.

Combining my expertise as a dietitian with my certification as a Wellcoach® Certified Health Coach, I help facilitate change from within.

As my approach evolved, I developed a program, the BE FREE Blueprint®: Naturally Increase Energy and Feel More Confident.

neily richland chronicle interview

Are You Ready to BE FREE?

The BE FREE Blueprint® is my coaching program. I work with people helping them build a healthier, happier life by creating habits for lifelong success using my BE FREE Principles.

Good health is more than what you eat and how much you exercise.

You and I will identify many things: what behaviors should change, how to manage your environment, how best to fuel your energy, how to get adequate sleep/rest, and how you best like to move your body.

My approach is helping people change behavior—one habit at a time.

And most importantly, no matter how all may be in place, your emotional health is critical. If trying to deal with past demons, nothing helps long term—until those are addressed.

The BE FREE Principles

  • Behavior: What’s the oft-quoted definition of insanity? “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” What can you do differently?
  • Environment: “Genes load the gun, the environment pulls the trigger.” How can you manage your environment? Or, what needs to change in your environment?
  • Food: “The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on.” Keeping this quote in mind, what changes will you make?
  • Rest and/or Relaxation: ”Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker. What changes will you make regarding rest, relaxation, and sleep?
  • Exercise: “Walk the dog twice a day, even if you don’t have one.” – Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH. What can you do to move more?
  • Emotional and spiritual health: “Don’t forget to love yourself.” -Soren Kierkegaard. What are you doing to take care of yourself?

If You're a Woman Who:

  • Is willing to let go of diet mentality
  • Is looking to find a better way
  • Can learn to love herself
  • Finds joy in the little things
  • Sees the good in others
  • Is teachable and coachable…

Take the First Step!

My Story—Can You Relate?

wellcoach health coach

Managing weight is not easy. Trust me. I know. I maintain a healthy weight but it takes work and always has.

I’ve grappled with my own challenges for years—starting with my first diet as an grapefruitadolescent. My mom, bless her heart, didn’t have a weight problem but knew I suffered from being teased about my weight.

We went on diets together. I remember something with eggs, then grapefruit, and everything in-between.

Looking for the magic cure

Weight Watchers (WW) was the first success I had with weight loss. Yet like many before and many after me, I gained weight back.

Through the years I struggled with my weight. Every diet was going to be the last. It never was. Each always ended the same. Restriction, deprivation, ultimately craving foods I restricted. This led to an uncontrollable binge followed by guilt, self-loathing, depression, feelings of worthlessness, failure, etc.

Thankfully, it’s not a life I live anymore. What changed?

Life-changing decision

Twenty-seven years ago, in an established and successful business career, I was at a place in life where I was tired of dieting. Quite honestly? Really confused about what to eat. I didn’t know what to believe.

While letting go of a wicked two-pack a day smoking habit I made a life-changing decision and went to grad school. I received a Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Nutrition and became a respected registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and later a Wellcoach® Certified Health Coach.

During my journey I realized being healthy and full of energy was not about restriction, dieting, good foods/bad foods but about empowerment, freedom, and guilt-free eating. It was about the formation of lifelong habits built one step at a time.

Being able to help people was a lifelong dream. Grad school and my career change was the best decision I made.

Conscious decisions

ditch the diet
When I’m not coaching, writing, speaking, or volunteering, I balance my time by living what I coach—eating right while maintaining a healthy weight.

I don’t eat perfectly and don’t expect my clients to. I loathe the words cheat meals or cheat days. No. No. No. Life is to be fully lived, at times celebrating with fun meals. Guilt-free eating.

For me, I love a good burger and fries on rare occasions. And, of course, sweet treats. Conscious decisions.

Lex and Neily therapy

A Personal Peek

You can’t meet me without meeting Lex, my rescue Great Dane.

You may find us walking my old east Dallas neighborhood or visiting nursing homes where we’re a certified therapy team.

But since we’re not visiting facilities due to COVID-19 we hang out in the front yard.

My heart is huge for animals. For over 16 years I’ve cared for 49 gentle giants as a foster mom through Great Dane Rescue of North Texas.


My Credentials

  • Received my Masters of Science (MS) in Exercise and Sports Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).
  • Worked as a clinical dietitian at Dallas’s Parkland Memorial Hospital giving me a rock-solid foundation working with a very unhealthy population.
  • Served under the leadership of Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper of the world-renown Cooper Clinic in Dallas. Focusing on wellness and disease prevention, I provided nutrition therapy and coaching to over two-thousand patients.
  • Received my health coaching certification from Wellcoaches®—a company setting the gold standard for health and wellness coaches.
  • Have appeared in hundreds of media interviews—print, radio, TV, internet, etc.
  • Adjunct (part-time) professor since 1998 teaching Nutrition and Diet Therapy at Richland College and University of Dallas (2013-18).
  • Recipient of many awards including being the youngest member of the Dallas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (FAND) – (earning this honor means I’ve accomplished a lot)

So, believe me, I get it! Also believe, I can help you. 

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