Do you need an inspiring, dynamic speaker or presenter? I can help.

As a Nutrition, Health & Wellness Speaker I take the often confusing field of nutrition and narrow it down to bite-size pieces your audience will understand and enjoy.

My signature talk is Natural Energy Boosters—What Zips and Zaps Your Energy: What’s Needed to Feel Your Best? There are many things you can do to naturally boost energy but I’ve boiled it down to a bumper sticker. Your audience will walk away with 5 key factors to naturally boost their energy. Legally! Using props, real-life examples, and a good dose of fun, attendees will walk away with practical ideas they can implement immediately.

Another favorite topic is Dietary Supplements: The Truth About the Pills You’re Popping. As a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified health coach one of my missions is to provide unbiased, relevant health, and nutrition information so people can make educated decisions. (My other mission is to help people improve their health, age gracefully, and have the energy so they feel joy in life!)

Other topics are available. Please use the form for inquiries.

“We were delighted to have Jennifer Neily at the Fourth Annual Rally for Lupus. Jennifer’s presentation was dynamic, fast-paced, and she engaged participants through fun and visuals, particularly interesting points about sugar in drinks and food we consume. She made the presentation fun, enlightening, and took the time to speak one-on-one with the participants.”

Adrienne Kohlenberg
Lupus Foundation of America, Lone Star Chapter

Speaker - Neily

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“Thank you for coming to speak to us! I’ve probably been on every diet you can possibly do and read tons of books on nutrition and subscribe to all kinds of health magazines, etc.

However, your presentation was succinct and precise about what we need to do to be healthy and stay healthy. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and information with us. I know a lot of people really enjoyed it and I definitely feel like it will make me more conscious of what I am doing and/or not doing for my own health.”

Sharon Hill
deView electronics, Inc