What’s in Neily’s Slow Cooker? Chicken with Pasta Sauce served over Angel Hair

There are staples I always have in my kitchen. I wanted to make something really simple with my slow cooker so this is what I added to it:

  • Frozen What's in Neily's Slow Cooker?chicken thighs, boneless, skinless (4)
  • Can of pasta sauce (24oz)
  • Can of diced tomatoes (14.5oz)
  • Can of tomato paste (6oz)

That was it. Hours later I had the makings of a perfect meal (4 servings). Cooked up some angel hair pasta (my favorite!) and good to go. All it needed was a nice green salad. (Click to see video)

Chicken Pasta Sauce over Angel Hair

Chicken Pasta Sauce over Angel Hair

I like to keep things simple. Really simple. Sure it’s fun to make fancy food with lots of ingredients, but I find my clients need easy, nutritious and delicious ideas.

Here’s the nutrition analysis including one cup of cooked angel hair. It’s a little higher in sodium than I prefer so my suggestion would be to use half the pasta sauce and use two cans of diced tomatoes—changes sodium to 690mg. Or better yet, if you’ve got some fresh tomatoes, use those instead! That decreases the sodium to just 540mg per serving.

Neily's Chicken Pasta Sauce on Angel Hair in slow cooker

What’s in Neily’s Slow Cooker? Chicken Pasta Sauce on Angel Hair

Note most of the sugar is naturally occurring in the tomatoes. I’m really looking forward to when the new food label eventually comes out which is proposed to include added sugar. (Don’t hold your breath though waiting for the label, it may be awhile.)

We’ll see what I can find next week in my cabinets for another blog on What’s in Neily’s Slow Cooker. Stay tuned! Thanks to Caitlin Marek for her help in the video and taste testing!

Watch short video and comment if there are any ideas you have!

Jennifer Neily is a registered dietitian nutritionist and Wellcoach® Certified Health Coach who loves to cook but like many others finds time is a factor. Motivated in helping her clients, she’s recently fallen back in love with her slow cooker and hopes to make regular blog postings on simple quick ideas using ingredients she (most) always has on hand.

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  1. Neva Cochran

    Sounds like a perfect meal for an iced-in day like today in Dallas!

    • Neily

      Isn’t that right Neva! Slow cookers are perfect for cold days and to have those staples on hand are key. Stay warm!


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