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My mom made a comment about my Facebook page which got me thinking. (Don’t moms have a way of doing that—making you think?) I often post my Neily on Nutrition blogs and videos in addition to nutritionmy endless posts and pictures about my Great Dane fosters on my private FB page. I also have my Neily on Nutrition business page, but Facebook has an algorithm and only a select few get to see those posts, unless I want to pay to boost my posts. (I don’t.)

My goal is to increase nutrition awareness

I had to agree with my mom’s comment—who by the way is awesome. I’m an extremely lucky daughter and I know that! Anyway, she thought I posted a fair amount of negative things. Before she read a recent post of mine, she told me her thought was, “Oh goodness, what can I not eat now?”

My apologies. To mom and to any others. It’s not that I mean to write and make videos presenting a negative light but it’s what’s on my mind—what I’m passionate about and what I’m interested in. My goal is to increase nutrition awareness because I recognize how little people know. Of course not my registered dietitian nutritionist peers and many of my clients, but definitely the general public. Plus I see this every semester.

Principles of Nutrition is a class I’ve been teaching since 1998. I think that’s over 70 classes now—that’s a lot of students and I absolutely love it! By the end of the term students comment they wish they had this class earlier (in their life—like high school or middle school). Of course I love to hear that. What especially makes my heart smile is the show of hands when I ask at the end of the semester who is eating healthier and reading labels. Most hands rise—the complete opposite of what happens the first night of class. They recognize how little they know—how little their parents knew when they were growing up and therefore did not have the skills to teach them.

What do you think?

Curious to see what my last blogs and videos were about I thought to list what showed up on the first page of my website. Honestly I don’t think they’re all that negative. What do you think? Do you like my videos? My blogs? Should I write more about some things and less about others? Please tell me­—I’d really like to know! I haven’t been blogging nearly as long as many of my peers and I’m still trying to find ‘my voice.’

Perhaps mom is thinking more about some of the other articles I might share. Hmmm, I suppose I’m guilty there. Just posted this a few hours ago at Neily on Nutrition FB.

‘The food industry’s devious, ingenious, magical misuse of science’ #POM #CocaCola #rdchat #superfoods

I just thought it was interesting and thought you might too! (The food industry fascinates me in general. Still have to write about my thoughts of the movie Fed Up…)


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