What to Eat for Breakfast – Interview with the Nutrition Babes*

Interview with the Nutrition Babes*—What to eat for breakfast

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The Nutrition Babes* and I had the opportunity to meet in Philadelphia at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual conference in October, 2012. Kathy Siegel, RDN, CDN and Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN are registered dietitian nutritionists passionate about better health through balanced nutrition, exercise, and cleaner living.

My clients are often challenged with breakfast ideas so I wanted to talk to them about that. Watch video or read transcript.

Neily:I know you guys have some awesome breakfast ideas. Could you give us some?
Kathy:Thanks for having us here. And yes, we have some fabulous breakfast ideas. You know, this is one area that everyone struggles with. They end up skipping it or they just don’t have time. All the excuses. So, the most important thing is to make sure you have protein and fiber—the two together. We have some really fabulous recipes that you can make the evening before and have in your refrigerator ready to go in the morning. Either you are going to bring it to the office, where you can heat it up or something you can quickly have on your way to the car, (preferably not while you’re driving). Lauren’s going to go over some of the recipes we have on our website.
Lauren:One of my favorite recipes is our fruit and oatmeal breakfast parfait. And the reason I love it is the base is nonfat Greek yogurt, which is an awesome protein source and really gets you going for breakfast. Also we have overnight oats, which is a little trendy thing now but it’s so easy because you make it the night before. You mix together some nonfat Greek yogurt, some regular old fashioned oats, something to wet it a little bit whether it is skim milk or almond milk or soy milk, some cinnamon and vanilla and throw in some fruit, mix it together and let it sit overnight (Overnight Oats with Greek Yogurt and Berries). Add a little crunch in the morning, some high fiber cereal and you have a very satisfying breakfast. It’s ready to go, it’s super easy and it’s really filling because you have the protein and fiber that will keep you going for hours in the morning.
Kathy:Some other ideas—things that you might just have on hand that you can make the evening before or on the weekend. We have a frittata on our website that you can make on the weekend when you have a little more time. You can let it sit in the freezer or in the refrigerator, wrapped, ready to go and then warm it. That would be more high protein, the egg frittata. So have some veggies and you can just add something to add the fiber. We have a Grab and Go Breakfast Bar on our website that you can check out that is higher in fiber with a hard boiled egg. You can also pair that with a breakfast bar or things like sliced cheese, low-fat cheese, glass of low-fat milk, skim milk or you can go for soy milk. So there are a lot of things that you can quickly put together and get yourself going. Maybe some of our smoothie recipes, Lauren?
Lauren:We love smoothies. And those usually have a Greek yogurt base. The one thing in there that I really wanted to talk about it for people who are vegetarian or vegan or they are dairy free and that’s a real chance to get the protein for breakfast because those tend to be the type of protein people eat at breakfast.We have a Breakfast Apple Cinnamon Quinoa, which is a fantastic recipe. Again you make it in advance, it’s cold and you eat it out of the fridge. But quinoa is a complete protein, which is something fabulous that you can get going in the morning and a great source of fiber. So, you cook it with almond milk or soy milk and you add apples and raisins and cinnamon and vanilla and it’s delicious. Throw in some almonds for some extra proteins and a little fat to keep you satisfied. And again, it will keep you going for hours. It’s just a different take on breakfast but it solves problems for people with certain allergies or dietary preferences.
Kathy:And I like that you brought that up—a different take on breakfast because it doesn’t have to be breakfast food. People forget you can have half a sandwich, some whole wheat bread, pile on the veggies there—say you can have your tomato, you can put hummus, you can put sliced carrots, you can put lettuce, pile on some turkey or an egg salad or chicken salad with a light mayo or Greek yogurt. We substitute that instead of mayo and put in some avocado. You can get some great things for breakfast and it doesn’t have to be breakfast food. So just remember that—protein and fiber.
Neily:Protein and fiber. Excellent message. Thanks so much, Lauren and Kathy. Nutritionbabes.com. Check it out. Thanks for watching Neily on Nutrition and we’ll see you in the next video!

*From the Nutrition Babes website:

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  1. jane mears

    This was my favorite.  Im going without the meat (as much as possible without skipping meals)  Fish is an okay for me. But yogurt, fruits, eggs (no bacon bits) are great for me to live on!!!  Granola has really come a long way & not expensive Thanks Jen!!


    • Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD

      Thanks for your comment Jane! I’m there with you on yogurt and eggs for protein! Also have found a new love for skim milk – another great protein source.


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