Are you “hypoglycemic” or do you just need a snack?!

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Mid-afternoon snack—Interview with The Nutrition Babes

The Nutrition Babes ( and I had the opportunity to meet in Philadelphia at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual conference in October, 2012.

Kathy Siegel, RD, CDN and Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RD are registered dietitians passionate about better health through balanced nutrition, exercise, and cleaner living.

They had a lot to say when I asked them about what to do when people get that mid-afternoon slump. (To see the video interview, scroll to bottom or click here.)

Neily:Over the years I’ve had patients and clients tell me how fatigued they are, light-headed­—they claim they’re “hypoglycemic”.  It often happens mid-afternoon. I tell them I think you just need to eat.
Neily:Tell me about some ideas of what to eat.
Kathy:   This is a big problem. This is when everyone is headed towards the candy bowl—I am just going to grab something little now…But we have to plan and prepare a little bit before we get to that point.You are having more of an early lunch and yes around 3 o’ clock that’s when you really start hitting it. You have to incorporate a snack because there is no way you are going to be able to go from lunch to dinner. And if you don’t incorporate that snack you are going to end up driving home, getting home and that’s it. You’re heading towards the cabinet or refrigerator and grabbing the first thing there.You want to have a healthy dinner and want to be able to prepare it when you get home.  You need to incorporate that snack when you are not so hungry in the evening. We have some great ideas for high fiber, high protein snacks. Lauren, maybe you want to discuss that.
Lauren:Definitely. We have so many snacks.  Again protein and fiber so easy… a little preparedness and just bring it with you.In a little cooler you can have some whole wheat crackers with a little bit of low-fat cheese or some edamame (boiled soybeans) —its a high protein and high fiber snack all by itself.Something like cottage cheese with some berries or Greek yogurt with berries. Or even Greek yogurt by itself is going to have enough protein. The berries are going to have the fiber. Or a little high fiber cereal you can sprinkle in.We have a lot of recipes on our website that are great little snacks. We have make-your-own granola bars—you can play with the ingredients however you want. But we have got fruits, nuts and oats and it makes a great little package when you play with the amount of sugar you want in it. You can really control it (what you eat) instead of purchasing something in the store.

There are great little mini-muffin recipes. We sub out Greek yogurt for a lot of oil or applesauce for oil. We always use whole wheat flour and fruits and sometimes nuts. Again, you get the protein, the fiber and they are really yummy. With a little preparation, you can come up with some great snacks. You just have to think ahead.

Kathy:That is the key: the planning. So either, if you have some time on the weekend, you want to do the shopping then and you want to think about the week. Keep things at your desk: packets of oatmeal, great fiber. A lot of offices will provide basics­ like milk or you can run down to the cafeteria and get some skim (nonfat) milk, sliced cheese, hard-boiled egg, something else to have that protein and then you have the fiber from the oatmeal.Some whole-wheat crackers, pretzels, things like that—that are shelf-stable and you can keep on hand, at your desk. There are a lot of great options.You have to remember to just go for the right things: the protein and the fiber in the afternoon.Eat your snack on the drive home, if it is convenient—a cheese stick or some milk in a cooler or thermos. Just don’t go home too hungry. You will sabotage it.
Neily:    You walk in that door and…
Kathy:   That’s it. We have all done it. But just with a little planning…
Neily:    Planning, fiber and protein. Great ideas. Their website is You can get all those ideas, recipes and much more!



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