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Fave_Neily_0036_full body sit purple jacket (2) for book ditch dieting page (595x640)Complimentary 30-minute
Ditch Dieting! Strategy Session

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Helping people build a healthy relationship with food so they end the diet cycle forever without giving up their most pleasurable food…that is my focus.

                                                                                                                                    – Jennifer Neily

Do you feel like you…

  • Don’t have enough energy to do what you enjoy?
  • Lack confidence?
  • Are a stranger in your body?
  • Constantly crave sugar and sweets?
  • Have no idea what right foods are to eat?
  • Avoid social events?
  • Are confused by mixed health messages in the media? Exhausted from carrying around extra weight?

If you identify with even one of these you’re in the right place!

With so many saying, “Eat this or don’t eat that” or “Try this diet,” who can you trust? I’m registered dietitian nutritionist Jennifer Neily and I want to earn your trust.

In our 30-minute confidential strategy session, we’ll take a look at the challenges you’re facing, what’s stopping you, slowing you down or preventing you from having what you want—and create your personal vision for health and wellness.

By the end of our conversation, you’ll know what to do next to move forward and we’ll know if we are a good fit. That’s why it’s complimentary. I am confident you will have a deeper understanding of where you are and where you need to go.


Complimentary 30-minute
Ditch Dieting! Strategy Session

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Why would a successful registered dietitian nutritionist and coach be offering a complimentary session? My time is valuable and I know yours is too. If you’re like me, you like to test drive things before making an investment. This is an opportunity for you to do just that.

If you decide to continue with more coaching, I’ll introduce you to my 6 key factors for managing weight and health and we’ll work week-by-week to help you master them.

My signature program is The BE FREE™ Blueprint: Naturally Increase Energy and Feel More Confident in 90 Days. 

I wanted to find a nutritionist who would not only educate me but motivate me as well.  My sessions with Jennifer far exceeded my expectations!  She didn’t have a cookie cutter formula—one size fits all, but instead she asked me questions that helped me find my own strategies, and then she held me accountable to the steps I chose to reach my goals.  Jennifer has a very encouraging demeanor—she is understanding, yet doesn’t let you make excuses.  I am grateful for all she taught me about nutrition, but more than that, what she taught me about myself.  She’s awesome!!!
– Anne Marie Knop  |  Dallas, Texas


Complimentary 30-minute
Ditch Dieting! Strategy Session

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So are you ready to:

  • Have more energy?
  • Be more confident?
  • Feel more comfortable in your body?
  • Free yourself from food cravings?
  • Enjoy social events more?
  • Age gracefully?

It is so very possible to…Liberate yourself and move forward with confidence. I can help! Please look at what my clients say. I love my subscribers and respect privacy and emails. My promise is to never sell your email and only provide you information that will help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams!

Let me help you ditch dieting forever.
Get started now!

Complimentary 30-minute
Ditch Dieting! Strategy Session

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Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, LD, FAND
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Wellcoach® Certified Health Coach
Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
America’s Nutrition Coach for Women™