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Field to Meal in the field farmer

Disclosure: Field to Meal offered me the opportunity to sample their food. I was not compensated or asked to write this post or create the videos. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Imagine having all recipe ingredients delivered to your door in the proportions you need. All you do is follow a recipe and in 30 minutes have a meal for yourself or your family. No shopping. No waste. Plus you’re helping local farmers. Sound like a distant dream? It’s not.

When I come across a product or service that helps my clients, I’ll be the first to recommend it. Such is the case with Field to Meal. After reading Kim Pierce’s story about them in the Dallas Morning News earlier this year, I mentioned it to a client using a different service located out of state. Give them a try I suggested. She did and loved it. Plus it was less expensive.

I reached out to Field to Meal thanking them for helping my clients (another used their service as well with rave
IMG_0452reviews). That led to a meeting with owner Sam Roberts and the opportunity to sample meals.

That evening I made Orange Bison Wraps with these beautiful ingredients.

Orange bison wrap ingredients (640x480)IMG_0455

The beginning of Field to Meal

Field to Meal Sam and Amy boatAs Sam states in the first video, How it started, the story of Field to Meal started in Australia, Sam’s home. (You’ll notice immediately when you hear him speak.) That’s where he met Amy. After being together in Sydney for six months, Sam was ready to begin a new venture with Amy on the other side of the world. Their home is now Waxahachie in Ellis County and the roots of Field to Meal.

In the video you’ll hear Amy make mention of CSAs. CSAs are Community-Supported Agriculture programs. I have not belonged to one but am familiar with how they work. They’re wonderful programs supporting local farmers however there are challenges.

Phoenix-based dietitian Monika Woolsey, MS, RD, Owner of Hip Veggies used to work for a CSA and had this to say.

“The thing I loved is learning to eat new vegetables I otherwise would not have tried. I also learned about heirloom varieties. However there can be a high dropout rate, as people learn in real life what it means to eat in season. You get a lot of one thing for weeks and your favorites are not available year round. You either embrace the challenge or it pushes you too far and you give up. I was also surprised at how many people had trouble getting through the box. You’re really going to eat a lot of vegetables if you do this and that’s a big switch for a lot of people.”

That’s precisely the problem Field to Meal solves.

Their motivation

You can’t help but say awww when you hear Sam’s motivation behind Field to Meal. It’s a bit of a love story.Sam and Amy with truck and onions

How it works

A big challenge individuals, couples, and families have can be described as the 5 o’clock scramble. In a perfect situation, people would have meals planned ahead of time, perhaps a week in advance. They’d shop for necessary ingredients and serve a hot elegant meal every night.

The reality more often is, no advance planning and the big looming 5 o’clock question: What’s for dinner? The (usual) end result? Fast food, take out or humongous restaurant portions where food is wasted or people consume way too much.

Amy does the work so you don’t have to. She creates meals according to what is in season working with local farmers. You choose the portions you need from the Field to Meal shopping cart and get ingredients delivered to your door.

At the moment Field to Meal delivers to roughly a 45-minute radius of their warehouse in the Dallas Design District. You receive all the ingredients—except salt, pepper, and olive oil—and along with the recipe are equipped to prepare a meal within 30 minutes.

The Food

Field to Meal’s seasonal produce is often harvested one day and at your door the next therefore providing you Sam and Amy on the farm FTM
optimal nutrition at the peak of freshness. Amy works with the farmers and plans meals by what is available. Whenever possible organic food is used.

In this video Amy describes some of the food she brought for the video shoot and how it will be used.

Following is a list of some of Field to Meal’s sources for their food.

  • Good Earth Organic Farm – – Celeste, TX
  • Along Came Tamale – – Heath, TX
  • Atkins Seafood Market – – Waxahachie, TX
  • Pederson’s Natural Farms – – Hamilton, TX
  • C&J Farms – – Corsicana, TX
  • Mill-King – – McGregor, TX
  • Farm Girls – – Waxahachie, TX & Dallas, TX
  • Full Quiver Farms – – Kemp, TX
  • Garden Harvests – – Waxahachie, TX
  • Texas Olive Ranch – – Carrizo Springs, TX
  • Mac’s Texas Honey – Ovilla, TX
  • Frans Fryers – – Red Oak,
  • Patti’s Place – – Plano, TX
  • Empire Baking Company – – Dallas, TX
Learn more

Field to Meal flyer
Looking to eat better and cook delicious meals in 30 minutes? Without the need to make a grocery list and head to the store? No wasted ingredients? Support local farmers and help with a sustainable environment? You must check out or call 972.921.6262.

Servings are amazingly affordable at $6 – $9 each. You can’t eat at some fast food/fast casual places less than that.

The mascot

Of course being the dog and animal lover I am, had to include a picture of Field to Meal’s adorable mascot, Taz.

Taz - Field to Meal's mascot

Thank you again to Field to Meal for offering me the chance to try their food as well as making a donation to the Great Dane Rescue of North Texas Divas, Dudes, and Danes annual fundraiser and silent auction. Sam and Amy are amazing and simple good peeps! Check them out.

Sam and Amy dallas news

Photo credit Ashley Landis/Staff photographer Dallas Morning News

Helping people build a healthy relationship with food so they end the diet cycle forever without giving up their most pleasurable food…that is my focus.  – Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

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