Twitterchat recap on healthy eating w/ SHAPE Mag and Elizabeth Ward

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I love Twitter chats. For those not familiar with chats they’re an opportunity for tweet peeps to get ‘together’ at a certain date and time to discuss a topic. Everyone uses the same hashtag. For example #letsdish is one of the tweetchats I participated in last week. Hosted by @Shape_Magazine registered dietitian nutritionist and author of MyPlate for Moms, How to Feed Yourself & Your Family Better: Decoding the Dietary Guidelines for Your Real LifeTwitterchat recap on healthy eating w/ SHAPE Mag and Elizabeth Ward Elizabeth Ward (@EWardRD) was the special guest with Jamba Juice (@JambaJuice), answering a variety of questions about healthy eating. Numerous other tweeps piped in with suggestions, ideas, and questions that made it quite a lively and educational hour.

Here were some tweet highlights. Apologies if I credited the wrong individual with a tweet—regardless, it was all good info! To make this blog more readable I spelled out some of the abbreviations. Have anything to add? Make a note in the comments!

Question: How can I help improve my family’s eating habits?

  • I’m a mom of 3. I let kids choose & help prepare healthy recipes for meals and snacks so that they take an interest. (@EWardRD)

    tweet chat

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  • Make time for balanced, tasty & enjoyable family mealtime. (@HealthyEating)
  • At home, role model  (@TrinaR_RD)
  • 10 Tips to Help Working Parents Get Dinner On The Table (@katy_dyer)
  • You can also check out: 30 healthy ways to cook chicken, lots of ideas for you!  (@thegetfitdiva)

Question: What are some tips to get in fiber and healthy but tasty filling foods?

  • Try yummy grains such as farro and quinoa for a change. Make chili with half the meat, 2x beans. (@EWardRD)
  • Slow cooked black beans (@TrinaR_RD)
  • Try one of these ideas to add more #fiber to your diet: (@HealthierMI)
  • Love this whole-wheat pasta w/beans, spinach & sundried tomatoes!  (@EWardRD)

Question: What’s the easiest way to get protein in earlier in the day?

  • Eggs, milk, Greek yogurt, @JambaJuice smoothie with protein boost, nuts, nut butters are how I get protein! (@EWardRD)
  • Some of my faves—eggs & milk! (@JenniferNeily)power-protein-breakfast
  • Eggs & milk are my faves too! I start my day w/ whole grain toast, 1 hard boiled egg & latte! (@Ashley_RD)
  • Greek yogurt at breakfast is my protein!  (@TrinaR_RD)
  • Hi-protein breakfasts: 1c Greek yogurt, berries & egg or 1c cottage cheese w/pineapple, handful nuts. (@JenniferNeily)
  • Protein powder in smoothies too! (@lisadefazioMSRD)

What are some quick snacks for vegetarians who work out 4-5 times a week?

  • Nonfat Greek yogurt; ½ PB or almond butter sandwich on wheat and 4 oz milk or fortified soy milk; 8 oz choc  (@EWardRD)
  • Whole grain toast with banana and peanut butter.  (@kimcgriffin)
  • Hummus and carrots or any veggie. Broccoli is a carb and chickpeas are protein  (@vizhen1)
  • For after workout…look for 3:1 carb/protein balance within 30-60 minutes  (@JenniferNeily)

What are some tips to prepare meals for the week ahead?

  • Take time on weekend to plan meals, shop. Make 1 or 2 dishes on weekend for meals during week; pair w/fruit, veg, dairy (@EWardRD)
  • A menu planning tool or make-ahead recipes that can be reheated later.  (@HealthyEating)
  • Create a menu – cook in bulk on Sundays and always have fresh cut veggies and protein available in the fridge! (@OrganicandFit)
  • Pinterest for meal-prep inspiration!   (@TrinaR_RD)
  • It’s all about meal planning!…  (@Ashley_RD)

What are some good alternatives to protein bars for healthy on the go eating?

  • Our favorites: a crisp apple and almonds or nut stuffed dates! (@NutritionalSci1)
  • Go w/ snacks that have a balance of protein & carbs; string cheese w/ apple, nuts & dried fruit, fruit/milk smoothie. Smoothie-Neily(@Ashley_RD)
  • Carrot sticks and hummus, raw almonds, fresh fruit, natural Greek yogurt with dry fruit. (@FlauntingMommy)
  • Make your own pro bars that can incorporate fruit, nuts & oats for a well-rounded snack. (PrettyLilGrub)

What is the difference between clean eating and Paleo?

  • My colleague @MaurenB_RD sheds an RD spin on the popular Paleo diet (@Ashley_RD)
  • Clean eating = unprocessed foods, like whole grains, fruits, veg, fats, & fresh meat, poultry seafood.  (@EWardRD)
  • On Paleo, eggs, nuts, and seeds are OK but no dairy, wheat, grains, or legumes. No processed foods. (@EWardRD)
  • Paleo = fresh lean meats and fish, fruits, and vegetables, and healthy fats like olive and coconut oils. (@EWardRD)


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